Years 7, 8 and 9 iPad Program

The iPad program runs from year 7 to year 9 which matches with the reliable lifespan of the devices. iPads are ideal at this level as the provide a high level of consistency and interactivity. 

Set Up My iPad for school

 Which iPad does my child need?

You may elect to purchase your own IPad independently or use an IPad you already own.

  • The school recommends an IPad Air or above.
  • It must be a full sized IPad (i.e. not a IPad Mini).
  • A 32GB IPad is the minimum sufficient for school, but at this size other content apps or music may need to be removed to allow effective operation of school apps.
  • We strongly recommend the Wi-Fi only model to reduce cost to parents and to ensure internet usage at the School is filtered.
  • All IPads should be fitted with a robust IPad case (Otterbox Defender) and all students will need a set of headphones.

Purchasing through the Booklist

You may now purchase an iPad directly through Office Max as part of the school booklist. Ensure that you compare the insurance and extended warranty when comparing the cost with other providers, they have a big impact on the cost but are highly recommended and frequently used, mostly for accidental screen breakage. Once you have placed an order the iPad and books will be delivered to you directly.

Purchasing through the Booklist offers the following advantages:

  • Warranty claims can be handled via the School’s IT Support Team.
  • We are able to provide swap units to keep kids learning while devices are sent back for repair.
  • Extended warranty and insurance available.

Supplying your own iPad

When supplying an IPad either externally purchased or already owned, Insurance, warranty and repair support are solely the parents’ responsibility. We have a large number of cracked screens, often due to simple accidents, extended cover for this is highly recommended. 

- The OtterBox Defender case is recommended as it is highly effective. We have a high number of breakages where students have used cheap or 'fashionable' slimline cases. 

Set Up My iPad for school

We recommend that you work through Set Up My iPad for school from home before school starts, this way the iPad will automatically connect once you arrive. If for some reason this is not possible or you do not have internet access at home the configuration can be completed in the IT office located in the library. This may take time as the team are very busy at the start of the year.

Book List – Online Resources

Some Learning Areas have other prescribed resources – both printed and eBook. Access to these resources will occur through the booklist process and you will need to submit your order to Office Max to gain access to these resources.

The school also has a collection of free and paid apps which are provided to all students through the BYOD Support Charge. These become available when you complete Set Up My iPad for school

All paid apps and content required by the school are covered under either the booklist or BYOD support charge.

If students wish to install additional apps, some may require a payment and the iTunes store may request that a credit card be attached to the account. BHS does not recommend that this be done and instead recommends that parents purchase iTunes gift cards for this purpose.