Years 10, 11 and 12 BYOD 

The school can support Windows or Apple based laptops and iPads. 

Devices need an all day battery life, we do not have facilities for students to recharge at school.

Students may continue to use an iPad if it is in good condition and they find it suitable for their course, although a keyboard is recommended. Some students continue to find the iPad a convenient device right through to year 12 depending on their mix of classes.

There are some courses where the limitations of an ipad will be significant disadvantage particularly at years 11 and 12 - for example in areas such as Media, Photography and Visual Communication, the iPads are unable to support the Adobe Suite (Photoshop) which is industry standard in these fields and provided as required within the BYOD support charge.

What advice/options can you give us about a good machine?

Our 10-12 BYOD partner – Learning With Technology – provide competitive pricing on a basic laptop with all day battery and enough power to support any of the pathways we offer (sufficient to run Adobe Photoshop). This laptop is bundled with three year insurance and warranty, providing a simple solution which is guaranteed to see students through to the end of year 12.

LWT offer onsite service at the school for these devices. LWT are an independent company. THe school has found their service to be good but is unable to offer any additional warranties or guarantees. By using the portal you are entering into a transaction directly with LWT.

>>Purchasing Portal<<

If you are looking for specifications, use this machine as a minimum reference. Our Technical Support Team, led by ICT Leader Jack Marshall, are very happy to discuss other options that best suit individual needs with parents.

What about software?

The school is now able to provide all of the software students require for school through the BYOD Support Charge.

  • Google suite 
  • Microsoft Office (although many students find google suite is all they need)
  • Adobe Suite and Rhino CAD as required by subject selection (LAP TOPS ONLY)

The 2017 BYOD support charge for year 10 to 12 students will be $25 for the year. This covers the cost connecting the devices to, and maintaining our wireless network as well as software costs. The BYOD support fee will need to be paid before student machines are able to access the network. There are no other additional costs for the Later Years BYOD program.

What about booklists?

The Later Years booklist is a high cost booklist, due to the specialised texts required of VCE subjects. We will be giving families the option of purchasing digital texts where suitable, or purchasing hard copy textbooks.

What computer equipment will still be available at the school for my student to use?

We will maintain specialist facilities in areas of the school which require highly specialised computers or software  (i.e Information Technology, Visual Communication/Arts, Media etc) , and also research facilities in the Library. 

What if I can’t afford to buy a device?

The school will have a number of laptops available where special circumstances exist. These will be in the form of second hand laptops with a new battery at a nominal cost of $100. We would expect students to achieve between 12 – 18 months use from them.