Mobile devices such as an iPad realise a very high level of connectivity and information exchange. This provides students with a wide range of learning opportunities and interactions with their peers and teachers. A very important component of the BYOD program is the effective use of these devices in a constructive and ethical manner. Accordingly the School is currently undertaking accreditation as an eSmart School. The School’s Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and Student Engagement Policy have been reviewed accordingly and approved by the School Council (see the iPad resources folder for a copy of these policies).



In line with the AUP the responsibility for establishing safe and productive use of these technologies is a shared responsibility between the School, parents and students. With iPads, like any other device that can directly connect to the internet, it is important they are used safely and responsibly at home as well as at school.  There will be some differences in how iPads are used at home and at school.  Schools have web filtering and will use the iPads specifically for learning.

However, in the home with internet access, students will generally be connected to unfiltered internet and there will be an opportunity for the student to use other computers for social connections and leisure activities.


Parents play an important role in ensuring their children have safe and positive experiences when online. Encourage your child to think and question both the information they obtain from the Internet as well as the people that they encounter.  Be aware of how your child is using the Internet and what they are using it for.  Understanding strategies for dealing with any risks young people may face online will help you to better guide them in the online world.  Further advice on Cybersafety for parents can be found on the Australian Government’s Cyber[Smart) website or contact the School’s Learning Technologies Coordinator.


While the School's network is filtered and provides a reasonably safe and secure connection to the internet this level of security may not be the same as at a home network, which generally has a much lower level of internet filtering. The active monitoring of children's use of the internet by parents is highly encouraged. There are some free internet filtering applications provided by the Australian Government. You may want to visit the Cyber[Smart] site for more information on this topic.


All parents and students are required to review and sign the AUP. [Link Here]