iPad - Routines and Processes


The iPad is your responsibility. The cost of loss or repairs to the iPad will be the responsibility of the purchaser. These devices are not covered under the School’s insurance policy and so it is recommended that you insure the device individually. You may want to speak to your home and contents insurer to check whether the device can be covered under your existing coverage or will need further coverage.

After the iPad has been configured to connect to the School's Network (see Connecting to School Network) you should review the Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) and Privacy and Copyright Agreement. You are encouraged to review and discuss the matters covered in the documents prior to processing the electronic signature of these documents.

Parents should also understand that:
  • The school may check the iPad at any time.
  • The iPad needs to be charged each night ready for school in the morning.
  • They are responsible for paying for any damage or loss of the iPad; disciplinary measures will be taken if there are breaches of the AUP.
  • The data on the iPad should be backed up nightly (or as often as is practical).


For the most productive, safe and reliable use of these devices, students should:

  • Keep the iPad locked in their own locker when they are not able to secure it (for example, when they will be away from their books or bag during sport).
  • Keep the iPad in its protective case to prevent damage if dropped.Charging
  • Take the iPad home each night.
  • Bring the iPad to school fully charged each day.
  • Keep their iTunes account password private.
  • Back up their work either via syncing or iCloud on a regular basis.
  • Understand that in the event of repair work being done on the iPad, all work may be lost.
  • Understand that they may install any software that they wish, but this software needs to conform to the BHS AUP.  The iPad may be inspected at any time by BHS technical staff or BHS staff members.