The Learning Environment

Benefits of the BYOD device in the Classroom:

To be successful when using technology in education, it is important to focus on engagement, creativity, inquiry-based learning and differentiated instruction. The BYOD device and other digital learning devices are a critical part of the learning process. By having student owned devices we are able to create a more seamless transition from home to school where students are easily able to review key concepts, refine assignments or complete homework with the same tools they know and learn in the classroom.


Learning Styles

Modern digital devices provide a platform for a wide range of audio- visual media including books, movies, music, games, and web content. The auditory, kinaesthetic and visual capacity of the devices appeal to a variety of different learners and learning styles. Modern digital devices enable personalised learning by giving learners the responsibility and ownership to choose how they learn, when they learn and where they learn; as well as developing their organisational skills.



A vast number of Applications allow all types of learners from different age groups to be creative by expanding the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom, from interactive lessons to study aids to productivity tools. The use of Video, Music, Art and Multimedia production software provides opportunities for all learners to show their creative nature and skills.



Learners have access to the world 24/7 (subject to internet access). Students don’t need to carry a huge number of textbooks, dictionaries, thesauruses or atlases. Modern digital devices have accessibility built-in, they feature voice over for selected text, screen zoom and adjustable text sizing and can also support a wireless Braille displays and international Braille tables.


All Ability

Modern digital devices are easy to use but can do incredibly complex things, students with very limited skills are able to access them to complete simple tasks but can seamlessly increase the complexity of their activities as their learning journey continues. They are designed to be used by anyone, at any age from pre-school through to adult life. It is especially useful for learners who have learning difficulties. Modern Digital Devices and can improve the progress of learning for everyone, regardless of ability, and are often used in special needs settings, this makes them a powerful tool.



Students expect to work in a learning environment that reflects the world they live in and the workplaces they see adults working in. Using current technologies which they know are essential to the modern workforce helps them to see the connection between what they do in the classroom and what they plan to do in the future