2017 Booklists are now open for orders through Office Max

Please note:  for ebook purchases you are requested to enter the student's school email address.  While most students know that address - some won't.  The address is their  (i.e  This code is used frequently with students and is printed on timetables etc - but if you are unsure of your student's code please contact the school.

For incoming year 7 students who are ordering ebooks - you are able to leave that code empty on the order and complete the order.

Below are the instructions for accessing the booklists and making your order:

Booklist Instructions

Attached are copies of the booklists in printed form - these cannot be used for ordering , that needs to be completed online.

Year 7 booklist form
Year 8 booklist form
Year 9 booklist form
Year 10 - 12 booklist form

Please find attached policy details of the Protection Plan and Accidental Damage insurance included in the iPad BYOD program.

Product Protection Plan

Accidental Damage Plan

We are also offering our secondhand book/uniform sales processes this year.  Below are details of those sales and the processes for submitting books/uniform, including which books can be sold.

2016-17 Yr 7 8 9 Secondhand Sales Information

2016-17 Yr 10 Secondhand Sales Information

2016-17 Yr 11 Secondhand Sales Information

2016-17 Yr 12 Secondhand Sales Information