Enrolment Information 

Thank you for considering enrolment at Ballarat High School.  We welcome enquiries for all year levels throughout the year.

The Department of Education and Training's Student Placement Policy applies at all year levels.

The first step in the enrolment process is to submit a fully completed "Enrolment Request Form" including all attachments.  This form is available for download, see link below. Please email completed Enrolment Request to ballarat.hs@edumail.vic.gov.au or post/hand deliver to 1726 Sturt Street West, Lake Gardens 3355.  Following submission you will be contacted by the Principal / Assistant Principal.

If your child is currently in Grade 6 (2019) and seeking a place in Year 7 (2020) next year;

  • Victorian Government Primary Schools will provide you with information and a Year 7 Placement Application Form
  • Non Victorian Government Primary School students/families please refer to the Non-Government Year 7 Placement Application Form below.

We encourage you to review the full suite of resources / links provided on this Ballarat High School website and www.education.vic.gov.au .

Should you require further clarification or additional information please contact the Ballarat High School general office or the Department of Education and Training - Regional Office on 1300 333 232 or email swv@edumail.vic.gov.au .

Ballarat High School is bound by the DET Student Placement Policy, including Priority Order and Permanent Address Guidelines.

In summary:

  • Students have an entitlement to be enrolled in their local neighbourhood school.
  • Your permanent residential address will determine your local neighbourhood zone/school.

Our School Zone:

Each Victorian Government school (primary, secondary and specialist) has a designated school zone. The "Find My School" website hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones.

Information on this site is updated in Term 1 each year, ready for the Grade 6 to Year 7 transition period.

To visit the site, see: www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au

If you have a question about school zones, call the 
Victorian Schools Building Authority Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email vsba@edumail.vic.gov.au

Student Placement - Priority Order:

Where there are insufficient places at a school for all students who seek entry, students are enrolled in the following priority order:

  1. Students for whom the school is the designated neighbourhood school.
  2. Students with a sibling at the same permanent address who are attending the school at the same time.
  3. Where the regional director has restricted the enrolment, students who reside nearest the school.
  4. Students seeking enrolment on specific curriculum grounds.
  5. All other students in order of closeness of their home to the school.
  6. In exceptional circumstances, compassionate grounds.


Permanent Residential Address Requirements:

The DET has provided guidelines to schools for determining permanent address. This supports the application of the Placement Policy and provides fair and consistent information for schools to assist in the verification of a student's permanent address.

Ballarat High School requires the following documentation to confirm that your permanent residential address is within the Ballarat High School neighbourhood zone:

All documents must be originals or certified copies and show parent/carer name(s).


  • Unconditional contract of sale property, OR
  • Rental Agreement for 12 months or more, OR
  • Certificate of Land Title and building contract / Certificate of Occupancy. 


  • Electoral enrolment confirmation,
  • Council rates notice,
  • Utility account,
  • Other official document that demonstrates permanent residential address.

In some instances, reasonable enquiries may need to be made by the school to verify permanent address information.

Where a child resides at multiple addresses, the child's permanent residence is the address at which the child spends the majority of his or her weekdays.

If at any stage prior to the commencement of schooling at Ballarat High School your permanent residential address changes and the new permanent residential address is out of Ballarat High School's designated neighbourhood boundary, the offer of enrolment may be withdrawn.


Enrolment Request Form

Enrolment Request


Grade 6 (2019) to Year 7 (2020) - Non Government Primary School

Please complete the document below and submit, with proof of residence, to Ballarat High School by 4pm Friday 17th May 2019.

Application Form Year 7 2020-Non Government Primary School


Grade 6 (2019) to Year 7 (2020) - Victorian Government Primary School

All correspondence and forms will be distributed from your Government Primary School.  Please submit completed documents directly to your Primary School.



Information Handbook 2019

International Students at Ballarat High School

International Students Information Handbook