Role of School Council

Three of the critical roles of School Councils are; developing the Strategic Plan, approving the Annual Budget and setting and reviewing policies.

Other roles include:

  • School maintenance
  • Sub contracting
  • Fundraising
  • Developing, reviewing and monitoring the Engaging Schools policy and the School dress code
  • School community engagement

Ballarat High School Council


School Council President:Mr Graeme Howard
School Council Vice President:Mr Paul Bilson
School Council Treasurer:Mr Neville Brown
Parent members:Mrs Lynette Egan
 Mrs Wendy Griffin
 Mr Stuart Hansford
 Mr Richard Alexander
 Mr Jason Sims
 Community Members:Mr Neville Brown
 Dr Jenene Burke
 Mr Graeme Howard
 Mr Robert Larkin
 DET Members:Ms Melissa Pompe
 Mr Steven White
 Mr Gary Palmer
 Mr Chris Wines
 Mr Michael Sordello