Subject Preferences 2017

This page is for students moving from 9-10, 10-11 and 11-12.

To explore subject offerings or enter your subject preferences please follow the steps below.

Note: this process will require you to open multiple web pages, it is easiest if you open each page in a new tab (right click on each link below and select 'open in new tab') as it will be useful to swap between the pages at various stages of the process.

1. View Highfacts 

First, open Highfacts, the Ballarat High School course selection guide. Right click on the link below and select open in a new tab.

Use the bookmarks on the left to jump to any subject description.

 Application For current year 9 Students applying to complete a unit 1/2 subject in Year 10

2. View VET Cluster Subjects

Click the link to learn about additional VET subjects.

VET subjects are additional subjects made available to all students from the Ballarat Region. Many of them are offered by organisations other than Ballarat High School. Students will be required to arrange their own transport if required. Also VET subjects may run as late as 5:30pm and have a cost.  Please read the guide carefully. Finally, students should not select more than one subject from this booklet as they will generally all occur at the same time of the week.

If you select any subjects from the VET Handbook you must also apply directly to the VET cluster online below.

3. Enter your preferences online

Your login details will be emailed to your school Gmail account.

Otherwise see your Learning Mentor or Team Leader.

Students entering Year 10 should bring their printed receipt to their course counselling interview (date TBA)

If you have been given a manual login Click here to enter Web preferences