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Student Exchanges

We believe student exchanges are a most beneficial experience for all involved, the students exchanging, the host families and the schools.

Program Objectives

  1. To further International goodwill and understanding by enabling students to study at first hand some of the problems and accomplishments of people in lands other than their own.
  2. To enable students to advance their education by studying for up to 12 months in an environment entirely different from their own, and undertaking study of courses and subjects not normally available to them in secondary schools of their own country.
  3. To broaden their own outlook by learning to live with and meet people of different cultures, and colours from their own, and by having to cope with day to day problems in an environment completely different from the one they have experienced at home.
  4. To act as Ambassadors for their own country and school in their host country, and by imparting as much knowledge as they can of their own country.

What does the student gain?

Experience has shown that apart from the wider benefits from a national viewpoint, the students themselves who are involved in this scheme develop tremendously in personality, confidence and maturity. As well, they have the unforgettable experience of living for some months and attending school in another country, of travelling and seeing new sights, of making new friends, and of having to extend to ‘stand on their own two feet’. It will be for most, the first time that they have experienced a stay of any length away from home without dependence on parents and family.

Three week Study Tour – Germany

Three Week Study Tour – Japan

German: three month exchange to Friedrich Woehler Gymnasium