Sport (old)
Sport (old)

Ballarat High School prides itself on its rich sporting and rowing history since the schools inauguration in 1907. In 1944 Ballarat High School was finally admitted into the Ballarat Public School Association (BPSA) where it took an early and extremely influential win in 1947 Head of the Lake rowing regatta.

In 1997 Ballarat High School started to identify as a Specialist Sports School offering the opportunity for the student athletes to excel in their chosen sports through practical and education based learning. The program is still in operation to this day.

Since the early days Ballarat High School has been an integral part of the Ballarat Associated Schools (BAS, formerly BPSA/BSSA/CHISSA) and the state wide Schools Sports Victoria (SSV) competition.

The school also maintains a long standing tradition of intra-school house swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals.