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At Ballarat High School, we recognise that a student can sometimes find it difficult to say if they are worried about a friend or if they have something that is worrying them but don’t feel comfortable just going and talking to someone about this.

Students can send through concerns anonymously to the school that will then be followed up by staff through a platform called STYMIE.

Ballarat High School is a STYMIE registered school.  STYMIE helps your child to say something by enabling them to report all kinds of concerns, safely and anonymously. The STYMIE app is downloaded on a student’s BYOD device when they register their device with the school or students can use their website.

When a student at BHS sends through a concern using the STYMIE app, this notification is automatically forwarded to the school and managed by the appropriate members of staff.

  • Each school has their own process for dealing with notifications according to their wellbeing framework.
  • Schools have a standard investigative process that they follow. Notifications are generally explored and followed up before they are acted on. 
  • For your child and their peers, knowing that they have a safe place to pass on information can be a great source of comfort and relief.

More information is available on the STYMIE website https://stymie.com.au