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Boat Club

Ballarat High School has been rowing on and off since 1912 and officially joined the BPSA, Head of the Lake in 1944. After some early success in in 1947, 1956, 57, 58. Success became difficult with the other Ballarat schools progressing further with top quality equipment and facilities. In 1974 after the head of the lake, a gathering took place to reflect on the season and seasons gone by in the house of the late great John Morcombe and in the late hours that night the “Boat Club” idea was struck! A committee created to help raise funds for the purchase of new equipment and improved facilities, for the Ballarat High School students to have a fair opportunity to compete on a level playing field in rowing. It was believed to be the first committee of its kind.

The first official meeting was held on June 25th 1974. John Morcom, Ian Martin, John Curwen-Walker, John Valpied and John Croft in attendance.
From this meeting the Ballarat High School Boat Club has never looked back raising on average $30,000 per year sometimes up to $70,000. The Boat Club has help fund and support 3 boat shed extensions and the purchase of 40 boats, plus other equipment.

Thank you to all those who have served on the committee over the years and to all who have helped out at the many fundraising events or made donations to the club.

If you wish to make a donation to the Ballarat High School Boat Club Equipment fund you can make a tax deductable* donation on this website through the Australian Sports Foundation.

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2020/2021 Boat Club Committee

PresidentLeonie Wray
Vice PresidentNatalie Carr
SecretaryTom English
TreasurerSarah McCann
Fundraising LeaderNatalie Carr

Boat Club Presidents Honour Board

J Robinson1974-1975
W.H. McGregor1975-1980
I.P. Martin1981-1986
R.E. Grubb1987-1990
W Atkins1990-1994
G.S. Kittelty1994-1997
A Vanstan1997-1998
P.R. Heap1998-1999
J Bartlett1999-2001
S McKenzie2002-2003
K Hartmann2003-2006
M Hosking2006-2008
B Hoskin2008-2011
R Hawkes2011-2014
P Bilson2014-2019
L Lukich2020-2021
L Wray2021-2024