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Learning Mentors


At Ballarat High School, we have a shared learning framework that has allowed us to put the learner at the centre and develop a shared vision for learning within our School Community.

As a learning community, we value all learners and believe that a Learning Mentor model is the best way to ensure all learners are provided with maximum opportunities to succeed and personalise learning.

Every student having a Learning Mentor will allow us to improve student outcomes, by ensuring that relationships with both mentor and subject teacher are positive and enduring.

Such an approach fosters personal responsibility for learning, as well as providing each student with the necessary balance of support and challenge to allow for personal growth as a learner. A Learning Mentor model also ensures each and every student has a teacher looking out for their best interests.


The School has a dedicated time for Learning Mentor activities every Wednesday, immediately after recess for all students and staff.

In years 7, 8 and 9, one of the students’ core teachers is their Learning Mentor, which builds on the already established relationship they have in the classroom.

In year 10 students are allocated a mentor who will stay with them until the end of year 12.

The Learning Mentor is the person in the school who really gets to know, understand and assist the student in their learning. They will provide students with the necessary balance of support and challenge to enable them to grow as a learner and ensure that they are achieving their goals.

Where possible, students will have the same Learning Mentor in Year 7 & 8, Year 9 they have their core teacher from the ARCH program and in Years 10 to 12, students will generally stay with the same Learning Mentor for the three years, enabling the further development of relationships between the school, the student and their parents.

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