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Learning & Wellbeing


At Ballarat High School, we acknowledge the reciprocal and interconnected relationship between learning and wellbeing. Student wellbeing positively influences student learning and success in learning enhances student wellbeing.

This idea forms the basis of our Learning & Wellbeing Program where we strive to enhance both student learning and wellbeing outcomes. 

Every student at Ballarat High School has a Mentor. This allows us to develop strong relationships and enhance student growth. A designated time for Learning & Wellbeing also allows for cohort assemblies, presentations and other activities to enhance student learning, wellbeing, connectedness and belonging. 

All students will experience sessions on School Wide Positive Behaviour Supports (SWPBS), respectful relationships, social and emotional learning and study skills. The emphasis on different topics changes, depending on the stage of schooling. For example, at Year 10 the focus is on course counselling while there is a greater emphasis on study skills at Years 11 and 12.


We have a dedicated time for Learning & Wellbeing activities every Wednesday, immediately after recess for all students and staff.

Where possible, students will have the same Mentor in Year 7 & 8, Year 9 they have their core teacher from the ARCH program and in Years 10 to 12, students will generally stay with the same Learning & Wellbeing group for the three years, enabling the further development of relationships between the school, the student and their parents.

The Mentor is the person in the school who really gets to know, understand and assist the student in their learning and their pathway as they move throughout the school. They will provide students with the necessary balance of support and challenge to enable them to grow as a learner and to provide opportunities and support for social and emotional learning.