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School Council

Three of the critical roles of School Councils are

  • Developing the Strategic Plan
  • Approving the Annual Budget
  • Setting and Reviewing policies.

Other roles include:

  • School maintenance
  • Sub contracting
  • Fundraising
  • Developing, reviewing and monitoring the Student Engagement Policy and the Student Uniform Policy
  • School community engagement

Ballarat High School Council 2023

School Council Executive OfficerGary Palmer
School Council PresidentRick Jones
School Council Vice PresidentScott Hebbard
School Council TreasurerPaul Bilson
Parent MembersRichard Alexander
Jessy Edmonston
Scott Hebbard
Rick Jones
Karen Reynolds
Rick Treacy
Community MembersPaul Bilson
James Camac
Bernadette Purton
Fiona Wakeling
DET MembersSofia Aleem
Dani Bjelanovic
Fran Deutsher
Faith Scholten
Student MembersEllie Howlett
Isaac Jantzen

Ballarat High School Council Standing Orders