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The aim of this code is the promotion of personal pride and a strong school identity through our school uniform. The School dress code respects and reflects the cultural norms of the school community and its requirements apply equally to all students. (The School Council has the authority to create and implement a dress code for students. The authority arises from an order of the Governor-in-Council).


The purposes of maintaining a strict uniform policy are:

  • To create a sense of collective and individual pride in the students and their identification with the school.
  • So that the image of the school benefits from the neat appearance of students all wearing correct uniform.
  • Over a period of time, uniform is more durable and therefore more economical.
  • Dress competition between students is eliminated, thus ensuring greater equality among students.
  • There is a safety element through the easy identification of students on excursions and the detection of outsiders in the school grounds.

ALL students are required to be in full uniform during the School day, including travelling to and from School and on excursions, unless otherwise specified. On rare occasions when an item of uniform is not able to be worn, the parent/guardian must furnish satisfactory written explanation and the student will be issued with a uniform pass, which they must carry throughout the day. Students out of uniform without the required permission and pass will be given a detention.


  • T-Shirts, skivvies and singlets, must not be visible under school shirts/blouses.
  • Hair must be kept clean and tidy; rinses, tints and extreme fashion styles are not acceptable, and must be avoided. Students with hair below collar length must wear it tied securely for practical classes. This is an Occupational Health and Safety requirement.
  • Black leather, lace-up shoes (traditional style) must be worn and should be regularly cleaned. Ballet shoes, slip-ons, sneakers, T bars, and boots are NOT permitted.
  • Students with pierced ears are permitted one small stud per ear. School Council has reaffirmed the policy and NO other body piercing jewellery is permitted.
  • No jewellery is permitted apart from a watch and/or an SOS pendant.
  • The only jackets permitted to be worn at School are either a school blazer or spray jacket.
  • Students may wear a brimmed hat or cap in navy blue. The only logo or writing permitted on headwear is the School Logo. The wearing of headwear in the buildings or classrooms is not permitted without specific permission.
  • Only clear or natural nail polish may be worn. Only natural looking makeup is acceptable
  • Long sleeved shirts are always to be worn tucked in. Short sleeve shirts must also be tucked in when worn under a jumper/jacket/blazer.


In Year 12, students wear a navy blue VCE jumper and also a blue tie. These items are available from our uniform suppliers.


Approved School suppliers: PSW.

Girls’ Uniform

BHS Specific Items (only available from our approved suppliers)


Boys’ Uniform

BHS Specific Items (only available from our approved suppliers)


Ballarat High School Uniform Exceptions

For certain school events and activities students are able to wear specially designed Ballarat High School clothing.

Please see the dates below when the students can wear them at school. Outside of these dates students must wear the normal school uniform.